Our agriturismo

Only 50 years ago on Monte Bardellone there was not only one meter of uncultivated land, wherever there were gardens and pastures.
Even the wood was a precious resource: the domestic chestnut trees were called, not by chance “Trees of Bread”, and from the chestnut, a true queen of the frugal cuisine of the time, flour was obtained, with which bread, pasta and desserts: practically a complete menu. Even the acorns, the fruits of the oaks, were, and still are, a real delicacy for goats, sheep and cows.
After decades of neglect and abandonment the wood has returned to master: the vegetable gardens and pastures of the time have returned to be mostly uncultivated, the old mule tracks once again covered and hidden by the brambles, the collapsed dry stone walls.
So, since we moved here we started a job (really without end…) cleaning and restoration of the territory, where we passionately grow organic seasonal vegetables, mostly for guests of our restaurant.
With the same passion, and with great respect for animal welfare, we raise goats, sheep and cows, whose milk is then transformed by Marina into exquisite cheeses.