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In recent years there has been an increasing awareness of what it means to eat high quality products, paying attention to their origin and respecting all the components of the supply chain. We have become the spokesperson for these needs, giving a central role to the rediscovery of lost flavors and smells, and of typical dishes linked above all to the specificities of the tradition, not only Ligurian, but interpreting and enhancing the countless contaminations with the regional cuisines close to us ( Tuscan and Piemontese, but not only…) adding a little imagination to the recipe, yes, that’s really all ours.

It is a cuisine made of what nature gives us, depending on the seasons; in this way we guarantee the genuineness of the product, according to the typical peasant tradition and in full respect of the seasons, crops and all of nature.

Close your eyes, you will feel like you have gone back to the past and the flavors will awaken old memories in you. The raw materials we use are poor, but top quality, and are treated in such a way as to bring out every flavor, with every bite. In a kitchen where tradition mixes with new attention to food treatment, taste is the meeting point between us and you, the fulcrum on which months-long preparation focuses.
On the menu there are wines, including organic and natural ones, and craft beers, with a special focus on labels from our area.
We have always paid particular attention to vegetarian cuisine, and we are happy that this “respect” is increasingly appreciated by our guests.
To achieve all this, we personally take care of every aspect of the supply chain, so don’t be surprised if, within a couple of hours, you see us passing by on the tractor with hay for our animals, working in the garden or busy in the kitchen…. we are always the same!


This is the question we are most often asked when you contact us.
Always keep this in mind, we are not a “Restaurant”, and we are not in a “passage” place: to reach us you really have to “get here”, you don’t pass by “by chance” while going somewhere else (and in any case, we have seen that it doesn’t take long, and it’s not that difficult: about twenty-five minutes from Levanto or Monterosso, or from the motorway exit, the road is all paved , therefore no excuses ! :- )

Our menus are prepared for “that day”, and for “that occasion”.
For all these reasons, we DO NOT do à la carte menus, and we offer a fixed/tasting menu (but don’t worry… you’ll eat ! :-), which varies every time depending on the season and availability.
Thank you also for trying to arrive as punctual as possible.
We are attentive to the needs of each of our customers and, IF YOU LET US KNOW BEFORE, we will be happy to prepare appetizing gluten-free, vegan, lactose-free or entirely vegetarian menus for you.
The vegetarian alternative is ALMOST always available, but in any case, please make sure when booking.
We also think of the children, with a special reduced menu, to be agreed upon when booking.

These are our numbers, or contact us via Whatsapp to get information and book a table, we will be happy to answer you: Andrea +39-3282910799 Marina +39-3930641515

and… take a look at our dishes on our FB and Instagram pages!


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