Where we are

How to reach us

FOR THOSE COMING FROM THE MOTORWAY: The exit of the A12 motorway is Levanto- Carrodano (and NOT Deiva Marina): turn left at the toll booth and follow the signs for Levanto. After about ten minutes at the exit of a tunnel (there is only one), make 200 meters viaduct, at the end of which you will see, on your left, a junction with arrows indicating DOSSO GROPPO LAVAGGIOROSSO. Take it, and as soon as you turn off reset the km count (ON YOUR RIGHT YOU CAN SEE AN OUR SIGNAL WITH RED INDICATIONS). From there (km 0), follow the road that climbs, after 600 meters, on your right a steep and narrow climb with a yellow arrow of the Cà Melana farm, and another our red sign, on the wall at the bottom right, with indication “Agriturismo degli Olivi”, follow it and go up. After 2.4 km there is a widening with a deconsecrated church on your left, in front of a wooden board under which you will find our signpost, follow the asphalt road on the right and keep going up. At km 6.1 the road flattens, you have arrived at the Prati di Bardellone and the asphalt road forks: you will see that, in front of you, on a fence there is a green arrow with Agriturismo degli Olivi 1.2 km, turn on the left. km 7.6: You have arrived! FOR THOSE WHO COME FROM LEVANTO: Follow the signs that lead to the toll booth of Carrodano, about 1 km after the village of Montale, on your right you will find the junction with arrows DOSSO GROPPO LAVAGGIOROSSO; take it, reset the odometer; from here the indications are the same as those coming from the motorway (see above)

FOR THOSE WHO COMES FROM MONTEROSSO: Once you arrive in Località Colla di Gritta, take the direction of Pignone. Arrived at Sanctuary of the Madonna di Soviore, after 200 meters take the road that climbs steeply to your left (arrows Bardellone and Monte Albereto, there is our red sign at the bottom of the wall). When you reach the top, do NOT follow the sign for Monte Albereto, but continue ALWAYS on your left, ignoring the detours that you will find on your right and leading to the valley bottom. After a few kilometers you will reach the Prati, where the road, always paved, forks, follow our green arrow that turns you right and after 1.5 km you have arrived.